Company History

    Email Science was set up as a service-driven, ‘customer first’ organization which started to provide affordable yet superior digital marketing solutions.

    • Emails Science is a premier provider that delivers innovative online solutions, generates leads for organizations ultimately generating them more sales and increased revenue.
    • Our design skills are continuously being enhanced by keeping track of global trends in user experience and design.
    • Experience gained over a rich 10 years and counting history in the digital marketing and project management, alonng with the highly-skilled technical team, positions us as one of the most respected and innovative players in the digital marketing space.
    • World class data center which hosts our web servers to ensure that your website is always up and running.

    • provide innovative marketing solutions providing digital solutions to any kind of challenge.
    • A 100 % BEE empowered company.

    Email science  was lauched in March 2016 but officially operating under Email Scinece (Pty) Ltd since May 2017.

    Email Science started operating based from pure market research identifying a need in the market for digital marketing service by the SME. SME’s are unble to afforf expensive ditial marketers but still require digital marketing services.

    Initially the company focused on designing and deploying Email Marketing communication backed up by stats. The company then evolved into a complete digital marketing service providing and continuously evolving based on market trends and client’s needs.

    The Founding member is from a strong marketing , digital marketing, sales and project management background.

    Our focus is to strengthen our customers in order for them to become more competitve in their own markets. We have employed the most qualified dovelopers and designers to ensure that our customers achieve this at not such a high price.

    100000+ Domain Names Registered

    90000+ WebSites Hosted

    45000+ Customers

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